We are quick, efficient, neat and timely. We will return your garage door or garage door opener to its former noisy glory. If you would prefer that we install a quiter, better garage door opener, we can do that. If you would like us to repair the garage door itself, we can do that or make suggestions. Your call.

Did someone back up into your garage door? We wont smirk. We see it all the time. Do your kids incessantly raise and shut the garage door causing the torsion spring to snap. We can either fix the torsion spring OR we can fix the torsion springs and yell at your kids for an extra charge. We are here to make your life easier. Door not shutting all the way? We can replace/repair the garage door sensors or we can just yell at your kids. For an extra charge. Never forget the extra the charge.

The Levantine Company, We Yell At Kids.

(and fix stuff)