The Levantine Company,LLC is a local garage door repair company. Im not sure what else you wanna know. Do we have General Liabilty Insurance? Why, yes we do. Do we have a truck we use to load garage door parts? Why, yes we do. Are we sarcastic. Yes. Yes we are. At this point I should lie and say that we are PASSIONATE about garage doors and garage door openers. At night, I dream of torsion springs. Well, let me be the one to tell you, no one is passionate about garage doors. No one. BUT, we enjoy our job. We get to drive around, meet people, see different parts of Louisiana. Its fun. So, thats something. We might be sarcastic, but we're fun ,positive and upbeat. Also, most importantly we'll get the job done. You know why? Because thats the point in the transaction where we get money from you. Thank you.